FOCUSED Strategic Action Planner

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focused planner FB_insta ad.jpg

FOCUSED Strategic Action Planner



This 3 month strategic weekly action planner will change your life! There are 4 Components to this planner 

Brain Dump: 

Start the day clearing your mind of all the good, bad and the ugly thoughts inside your head. Once you get it out of your pretty little head it’s easier to work on it, delegate it and get it checked off your list.

Dolla Dolla Bills:

Need help prioritizing? Add dollar signs next to the items on your to list so that you focus on the items that once completed will immediately add to your bottom line.

Big Hairy Goals for the Week: 

Once you get rid of the head junk with your brain dump. Highlight 3 Big high level goals that you will focus on each week and the people that can help you accomplish those goals. 

Weekly Content Creation: 

With all the technology available today you can stop waiting for someone to discover you and become your own brand building machine. That comes with consistently putting content out into the world. Podcast, Blogtalk Radio Show, Blog Post, Guest Blogging on popular websites as well as pushing out content on your social media pages. Use this section to map it out.

Shoot Your Shot: 

Potential Clients can become Real Clients but you have to reach out to them, and Follow Up and Follow Through! Commit to sailing 5 Ships out each week, with either Cold Calls, Cold Email introductions, Linkedin InMail messages and proposals that when those ships come back they will add to your bottom line and lead to exponential growth. 

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