Notable Keynotes and Speaking Engagements

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With over 60 Talks per year Felecia is a highly sought after speaker, with more than a decade of high energy presentations, speaking to students, entrepreneurs, government and career professionals. Felecia Hatcher has earned a reputation as a leading authority on entrepreneurship, branding, inclusive tech innovation/diversity, building tech enabled businesses and funding.

Felecia's most requested speaking topics include:

  • Building tech in innovationless communities

  • Startup Ecosystem Diversity and Inclusion

  • Starting a Business on a Ramen Noodle Budget

  • Becoming an Epic Expert/Becoming a Branding Badass

  • Venture Capitalist in Residence-Unique approaches to funding

  • Startup Principles for your Personal Life

  • Overcoming Imposture Syndrome

  • Policy solutions around tech &/or diversity

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More Videos to check out...

Felecia Hatcher Keynote in Jamaica at the Inspired Living Entrepreneur event with JMMB Bank

Felecia Hatcher interviewed by The Atlantic magazine about her work with Feverish Pops and cultivating a diverse tech ecosystem in Miami.

Check out Felecia Hatcher Author, Youth Speaker and Social Entrepreneur on the Today Show for being honored as one of The NBC/Grio's 100 Top 100 African American making history

Bring Felecia to Rock the Stage at your upcoming event!

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