Epic Bestseller Book Launch Workbook

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Epic Bestseller Book Launch Workbook


Writing a book is a HUGE accomplishment and you should be proud of it.  However, once the book is written, the whole point is for the book to sell. You can’t just publish the book and expect it to take off without any effort on your part. There is too much competition and too many titles on the market.  

With the right planning and actions, you can set your book up for success and create a bestselling title! Having a bestseller not only earns you money but it opens so many doors. 

Here are a few benefits of having a bestselling book:

  • Earn money through a consistent passive income

  • Land speaking engagements

  • Partner with local groups 

  • Build your own unique brand

Once your book becomes a bestseller, not only does it have all the benefits above, but it helps your later writing projects become successful.  Think about it: each book you write will have “Bestselling author of…” on the cover which will automatically draw readers.  However, you must put the work in now to be successful later on and that means planning your book launch.

Planning a successful book launch means you:

  • Have a functional landing page for your book

  • Generate interest before the book is for sale

  • Capture the attention of your ideal client market

  • Grow your following and increase traffic to your website and social media platforms

  • Have reviews ready to go for online markets

  • Create descriptions that are optimized for search engine functionality

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