You have 2 Mastermind options to choose from. Self Guided training + Private FB Community where we go live with a weekly hour long Training Q&A session


Accelerate your path to Speaker coins by working privately with Felecia each month via a 1 on 1 coaching call, an in person VIP Day, plus access to the training course portal and mastermind community.



  • Welcome to our Mastermind! Our Manifesto! + Video

  •  Time to go from Idea to Major Revenue! Speakers, Power Brokers, and Thought Leaders Business Model Canvas

  •  Master your “Power Because” and how to own your Receipts

  • Defining your Market and Crafting your Message

  • DEFINING YOUR AUDIENCE- The person who books you and the one that receives the message, and how to speak

    to them both.

  • Speaking Topics that get you BOOKED SOLID

  • Crafting Your Signature Talk-How to name it, and the anatomy of a successful talk


  •  Launch and Standout-Getting the right kind of respect from decision makers.  

  • 5 Ways to Raise your Social Capital FAST!

  • Speakers Bureaus Crash Course!

  • Resources to Start Prospecting Speaking Engagements + Email Templates + Craft your Prospecting Framework

  • Set your price & how to command top dollar for speaking engagements

  • How to skip the middle man and get right to the decision makers + Phone Templates 

  • Weekly Action Plan Framework-How to get organized using the Focused Planner


  • The #1 Tool Every Speaker Needs

  • Assembling your team of Ninjas!

  • Getting your sizzle video and press kit together

  • Say CHEESE-The perfect headshot

  • Power Mapping -Leveraging your existing network for opportunities

  • Prospecting, Prospecting, PROSPECTING-Our Signature framework for getting new leads, customers and clients each week.


  • On Fleek! Creating a Brand Strategy to Attract the right Media Attention & Build Credibility

  • Get a seat at the table…but make sure its the right table

  • Network to Networth- Your network means nothing if you don’t know how to appraise it! Strategy session

  • Revamp and Show Out-Vanity Marketing Strategies


  • Why you need products as an Expert

  • Speaker Fee's and Making money before you speak

  • Don’t leave that money on the table,- How to pitch for other lucrative business opportunities.

  • Contracts, Riders, Travel, Templates, on Template on Templates

You may be thinking to yourself, "I have some nerve to call myself an expert, I need more experience, more media attention…" Just think of it this way. We all have something that we are truly talented in, or have overcome challenges that can really help others. Why would you hold all that "Epicness" to yourself. By positioning yourself as an expert, companies will hire you, your colleagues will seek you out for advice, consulting gigs will find you, you can create profitable print books,  e-books & products and conferences will want you as a speaker.