I love your Badass Epicness!!!!

Thank you for purchasing the Focused Planner. Here's to your next 3 months of changing your habits and gaining clarity

Let's work on a strategic plan to strut into the new you with the epic confidence of Kanye West that you will not only meet your goals you will exceed them! 

Every time I meet someone they ask me ”You’re an author, entrepreneur, and mom how do you get it all done?” The truth is it took me a long time to figure it out. When I first started Feverish I constantly ran around like a chicken with my head cut off. Thinking I was getting it all done, but so many things were falling through the cracks especially money. 

Like I mentioned in the first few pages of the Focused Planner, I lost a BIG client a few years ago all because I forgot to submit our proposal on time. That was the last kick in the butt that I needed to get my act together. I created a system that allowed me to organize all the ideas, to-do’s, goals, and deadlines so that I could get organized, stay focused and of course make more money. 

Since then we’ve not only seen exponential growth, but I've written 3 books over the past few years, launched a social startup and sold my company Feverish in 2015.   

I know this Strategic Planner and course will help you achieve your goals, land the big clients, create new awesome content and live the life you were truly born to live. 


Week 1:

This course is all about paying attention to your intentions. During our online sessions we will go through steps, tools and hacks on how to effectively brain dump, each week to increase your productivity  and not only close out 2015 like a Badass but enter 2016 with the epic confidence of Kanye West :)

1 hour session with time for Q&A

Week 2: 

Pass the dutchie! Well not necessarily the dutchie but pass on that work that doesn’t require your attention. Yes i’m talking about outsource and delegate! I know it’s hard to give up control, but you can’t go from Good to Great trying to do it all. I’ll discuss how I have outsourced for years, where to go and who you need for different projects. You need to focus on the Money and evangelizing for your brand-not putting spreadsheets together.  1 hour session with time for Q&A

Week 3:

With all the technology available today you can stop waiting for someone to discover you and become your own brand building machine. That comes with consistently putting content out into the world. Podcast, Periscope, Blab, Blog Post, Guest Blogging on popular websites as well as pushing out content on your social media pages. We will go over posting with a branding purpose during our 1 hour session with time for Q&A


Week 4:

Stop waiting for that email to come in, or the phone to ring. Go out and get it! Potential Clients can become Real Clients but you have to reach out to them, and Follow Up and Follow Through! Commit to sailing 5 Ships out each week, with either Cold Calls, Cold Email introductions, Linkedin InMail messages and proposals that when those ships come back they will add to your bottom line and lead to exponential growth. 1 hour session with time for Q&A